Manicure Services

Manicure $15 

Includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing, a lotion massage, and finished with your choice of color.

Gel Manicure $30 

All the steps of a manicure plus gel polish helps a long-lasting shine.

Noire Specialities

Spa Mani Pedi Combo $45 
Deluxe Mani Pedi Combo $55 
Luxury Spa Mani Pedi Combo $65 
Noire Spa Mani Pedi Combo $75 
VIP Hot Stone Organic Combo $80 

Kids Menu (Under 12 Yrs Old)

Manicure $13 
Pedicure $25 
Mani and Pedi $35 

Colors Change

Hands $5 
Feet $7 
Hand Regular Polish $10 
Hand Regular Polish + Gel Polish $20 
Feet Regular Polish $12 
Feet Regular Polish + Gel Polish $30 
Remove Acrylic $10 
Remove Gel Polish $10 

Natural Nails

Healthy Natural Dipping Nail (Dipping Powder) Non-toxic, Odor-free, No UV light or harmful primers, strong, durable, and healthier for your nail bed. Vitamin E and calcium fortified. Long lasting shine.
Healthy Natural Dipping Nail (Color) $40 
Healthy Natural Dipping Nail (Pink and White) $45 


Sugar Scrub Flavors:

* Cucumber

* Tangerine

* Orange

* Lavender

Spa Pedicure $30 

Delight your feet with our treatment, including toenail trimming and shaping cuticle grooming and buffing, exfoliating scrub soothing massage hot towel, with choice of polish.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure $40 

Enjoy a glass of wine while you're feet are refreshed with our deluxe spa pedicure. Plus extra callus treatment, exfoliating sugar scrub to remove dry and dead skin. Followed by a mud mask, wrap with a hot towel, and relaxing massage, with choice of polish.

Island Spa Pedicure $50 

The luxury spa pedicure plus paraffin wax the heat helps increase blood flow and relaxes the muscles which can help relieve discomfort aching feet and heals dry feet, come with a choice of sugar scrub flavor.

Noire Spa Special Treatment $60 

Hydrotherapy foot soaks with a glass of wine while your feet are pampered. Plus extra callus treatment exfoliating sugar scrub to remove dry and dead skin. Wrap with a hot towel, paraffin wax relaxing massage and hot stone massage. With choice of polish.

VIP (hot stone) Spa Pedicure Organic $70 

The 70 minutes of TLC for your tired, overworked feet. Come experience an extended aromatic and nourishing whirlpool soak to drain away toxins and soften dry rough skin, a nourishing Blended sugar scrub made with pure essential oil a luxurious foot a leg massage and soft collagen cream mask with moisturizing, therapeutic paraffin to seal in the hydrating benefits of the service in addition of hot stones massage will be applied sure to leave a spring in your step and twinkle on your toes, come with natural flavor.

Nails Services

Acrylic Full Set $30 & up
Acrylic Fill In $20 & up
Pink and White Full Set $50 & up
Pink and White Fill n $40 & up
Pink Fill Only $30 & up
Service with Gel Polish $10 & up

Liquid Gel Nails

Liquid gel is a great coating over natural nails. Less damage to the nails bed, the gel coating keeps your nails stronger and healthy looking, shiny and natural without polish.
Gel Full Set $45 & up
Gel Fill-In $30 & up
Gel Pink & White Full Set $55 & up
Gel Pink & White Fill-In $45 & up

Additional Services

French Design $5 & up
Nails Art Design $5 & up
Nails Repair $3 & up

Eyelashes/ Tinting

Eyebrows or Eyelashes $20 
Eyebrows and Eyelashes $35 


Eyebrows $10 
Lip $8 
Chin $15 
Underarm $20 
Brazilian $50 
Neck $15 
Full Face $35 
Bikini Line $35 
Half Arms $30 
Full Arms $40 
Half Legs $35 
Full Legs $55 
Back $50 up

Pedicure & Manicure Combo

Spa Pedicure & Manicure $45 
Deluxe Spa Pedicure & Manicure $55 
Island Spa Pedicure & Manicure $65 
Noire Spa Pedicure & Manicure $75 
VIP Spa Pedicure & Manicure $85 

Complimentary Beverages

* Bottle water

* Soda

* Wine